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Updating your fascia and soffits

Few products affect a home’s external envelope, quite like its guttering system. Alongside the fascia and soffits, the system can make a significant difference in the kerb appeal of a property. In this blog, we explore the costs and options on offer to homeowners looking to replace their existing system. When should I replace my…

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Landscape Gardening

What are the benefits of artificial grass installation?

Summer has officially started, which means once again, many of us will begin the process of deciding whether it’s time to finally sort out the garden. Creating the outdoor environment of your dreams is one of the most common desires for British homeowners, but restrictive budgets or poor weather can frequently get in the way….

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man balancing on a ladder


Do it yourself? Or hire a professional?

Before starting a renovation project, every homeowner must ask themselves: How much can I complete on my own? Finding the inspiration and information to update or renovate your home yourself is easier than ever. From the information available online to shows concentrated on the remodelling process, homeowners are becoming more and more confident with taking...

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bacon butties taste test

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Bacon butties put to the Checkatrade test

How do you like your bacon roll in the morning? We like ours with a Checkatrade tick of approval! Some of our members recently took part in a blind taste test of bacon butties and the clear winner was the brand new McDonald’s one which has just launched! The only question left to answer is...

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Under sink plumber


7 Safety Hazards That Plumbers Should Be Aware Of

When thinking of safety hazards in plumbing, you usually think of slips, trips and falls, dust, and noise. Although these are obvious hazards and risks, there are also plenty of not so obvious hazards which are just as common. Image Source: Pixabay Here’s a hazard guide for plumbers to ensure you make it home safe...

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HandyHubby plumber van


Handy Hubby Gets a Lift from Checkatrade

Joining Checkatrade has made a huge difference to Paul Beckett, founder and owner of Handy Hubby, a plumbing firm in Worthing. Since signing up over a decade ago, Paul has used the site to attract more jobs and to expand his company’s offering into new areas. Becoming a member has helped his firm to get...

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Cleaning Blinds


Looking after your blinds, curtains and shutters

As the summer sun starts to appear, it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure you keep your blinds looking at their best, care for your curtains and clean your shutters. Here’s our top tips: Blinds Roller blinds. Roller blinds are a practical blind solution as all they need is a regular wipe from top to...

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seven port challenge


Chandlers building supplies pedal power for seven port challenge

The Beast Team’ for Seven Port Challenge is Chandlers Building Supplies: Brian Smith (Brighton), Stuart Campbell (Ringmer), Chris Vernon (Chertsey and Bookham), Jason Austin (Petworth), Paul Hawes (Lewes), Ashley Miles (Brighton) Super six take on ‘The Beast’ for Seven Port Challenge Family owned builders merchants, Chandler Building Supplies, has announced its sponsorship of this year’s...

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How to gut your guttering

Regularly decluttering your guttering will save you a small fortune. So that your guttering can perform properly, it needs to stay crack-free and clog-free. Guttering can quickly fill up with leaves and debris. If you leave it long enough, you may also find moss or other plants growing in your gutters. If you discover water...

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Bumblebee Plumbing & Heating Ltd


Local business supports a local family in need

Small businesses are an integral part of any local community and those that give back to their community are considered as local heroes to many. One Warrington family who is very grateful to local company Bumblebee Plumbing and Heating Ltd are the Olliers from Culcheth. Their old boiler had been malfunctioning for two years, during...

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Save Energy

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10 Tips for Cheaper Business Energy

With energy prices on the rise, businesses are seeking out the best energy deals to mitigate the effects of recent energy price hikes. There are two main elements to your business energy bill – your consumption data and your energy contract rates. Reducing your energy costs means looking for reductions in both. Sourcing the best...

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