You know you can do the job, but how do you WIN the job?

December 5, 2018

Checkatrade receives over 1.4 Million visits from customers looking for trades just like you, each and every month.

For us Members, the biggest frustration doesn’t lie in the number of customers looking for trades, but rather how to successfully convert these customer leads into sales, particularly when you know you and your team can excel at the job in hand.

My advice? The next time you know you can DO the job, but are struggling to WIN it, follow these top tips:

win the job

Speed = Appointments

When customers are looking for tradesmen, they are looking for a skilled professional to help solve a problem. Whether that’s renovating an entire property or fixing a leak – customers look to Checkatrade for help.

As soon as they publish their enquiry or job, think about your response as part of an effective sales cycle. A vital part of this is speed and efficiency. Be quick and proactive in your initial response, offering a selection of dates and times for an initial appointment. I guarantee you will achieve more face to face meetings as a result.

Communication is Key

A key part of strong customer service is effective communication. Be open, friendly but professional, and more importantly be consistent. If you make a promise to a customer that you will call them at 5pm on Tuesday, make sure it happens. Letting customers down from the early stages will quickly put them off and ruin your chances of winning the job from the word go.

Quick Turnaround Quotes

If the customer has asked for a quote, don’t take days and days to respond. If they’ve asked for a cost, they are interested. Don’t damage your chances of success by delaying your response. Give them a clear timeframe and exceed their expectations. They will be pleasantly surprised with your efficiency and are more likely to convert.

Follow up calls

How many sales leads do you have, or have you had recently that you’ve failed to follow up with a telephone call? Being proactive is key for securing new customers, and despite how busy you are, you should always schedule in time each day or each week to follow up your sales leads. You never know, a customer may be on the fence about using your services, but a quick call could persuade them to use your services after all.

Transparent Pricing and T&Cs

Think about a time when you have purchased either a product or service, but had to pay additional and unexpected costs? It’s frustrating right? In fact, I would go as far to say that it’s very likely to put you off using that product or service again. Transparent pricing and clear terms and conditions are key to good customer relationships. Tell them exactly how much your service will cost, when you are able to complete the job in hand and outline any terms and conditions for completion of the work.

Being up front and honest will establish clear communications from the outset, which will not only help you in securing this initial job, but may also result in repeat business moving forwards.

High Quality Delivery

If you can talk the talk but you can’t walk the walk, you’re going to end up with one disappointed customer. Remember, winning new business is a process which needs to be addressed with quality. Part of this is securing good feedback in order to showcase the quality of your work and enable you to win new business moving forwards.

Ultimately, if you’ve put in the graft to convert the customer, make sure you then follow through with quality workmanship.

To Conclude

In conclusion, to improve your chances of winning more jobs, you need to create your own sales process or customer journey. Think about how you currently respond to potential leads? Could this be improved? Are you transparent, professional and proactive? Be honest with yourself when thinking about this – there is always time to improve and develop your approach to customer service.

When you do win the job, take 2 minutes to congratulate yourself, and then deliver with quality. More importantly, don’t think of it as a ‘one-time job’, think of it as a potential long-term relationship, whether that customer offers repeat business or becomes key part of your referral network.

Feedback is key to success and that’s why, at Checkatrade, reputation matters.

This article is part of our “Business Essentials Series” – Business Essentials is an informative series of articles created in partnership between Checkatrade and Checkatrade Board Member, Kevin Robinson.

Here, Checkatrade Members can gain insight into how they can grow and improve the running of their trade business, benefitting from marketing tips to operational advice. To find out more about Kevin and his business success within the trade sectors, please read his bio below.


Board Member Kevin Robinson:

A natural Entrepreneur, Kevin Robinson is the Founder and Managing Director of Home Fixed, a family run limited company that specialises in home repairs & installations across multiple trades, including plumbing, roofing, handy man services, bathroom installation & home improvements.

In addition to his role Kevin also directs and runs Robinson’s Roofing Limited, a specialist firm with over 25 years of flat roofing experience.

Having successfully grown and developed both businesses by over 15% in the last 12 months alone, Kevin boasts an excellent understanding of how to run and scale a successful trade business, with expert knowledge in establishing and implementing effective operational systems, and through maximising platforms like Checkatrade.

kevin robinson

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