Handy Hubby Gets a Lift from Checkatrade

May 22, 2019

HandyHubby plumber van

Joining Checkatrade has made a huge difference to Paul Beckett, founder and owner of Handy Hubby, a plumbing firm in Worthing.

Since signing up over a decade ago, Paul has used the site to attract more jobs and to expand his company’s offering into new areas. Becoming a member has helped his firm to get online and made them far easier to find for customers who need assistance.

Not all tradespeople are technophobes, but for many of us, the online world can still be a bit daunting. Increasingly, to run a successful business in modern times you need a strong web presence, especially in the construction sector. Simply put, if your business isn’t online, it’s missing out on money. That’s why websites like Checkatrade are proving so popular, bridging the gap and helping tradespeople get their services advertised online in a straightforward, simple manner.

From his first time logging in, Paul found the site very useful and immediately began to see ways it could help grow his business. He commented: “Checkatrade fits in really well around my busy schedule. I was able to sign up to the service quickly and found myself getting calls almost straight away. The site gives me the ability to showcase what my business offers, by adding photos of the projects we’ve recently completed. Crucially, once I’d set the page up, it started to do most of the hard work for me. I just give out my feedback cards and the reviews speak for themselves.”

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Not only did Checkatrade help Paul find more business, but it allowed him to begin offering new services to customers. After spending many years as a plumber, Paul wanted to move away from smaller jobs and begin to take on larger projects. His company started to offer a number of further home improvement services, including fencing repairs, tiling and painting. The website helped the company to advertise these additional services and showcased its skills in areas that it wasn’t known for.

Paul continued: “It didn’t take long to start getting bookings through Checkatrade for our additional services. I probably get someone coming through the site every week. It’s particularly useful in attracting older customers, who are rightfully more cautious about choosing tradespeople they don’t know. With my Checkatrade profile, potential customers can go and look at my previous work and the comments from past customers before they make any decisions.”

aul Beckett, founder and owner of Handy Hubby, a plumbing firm in Worthing

Paul has successfully used Checkatrade to grow his business – and accumulated over 1,100 customer reviews. The site has helped him to showcase the quality of his work, offer new services to the market and start booking the sort of jobs that he’d always desired working on.

“I would never have foreseen the effect that signing up to Checkatrade has had,” concludes Paul. “But 10 years’ on, in terms of return on investment, few decisions have had such a big impact.”

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