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Inline Extractor Fan

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When should you use an Inline Extractor Fan?

The short answer is whenever possible! An inline fan has several distinct advantages over a standard wall mounted axial fan. These include: Much higher extraction rates: the most powerful wall mounted 4-inch axial fan (the Silent Tornado from Vents) offers 97m3/hr in lab test conditions. Whilst this is pretty good, most standard 4-inch inline fans...

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Tradespeople fit out office

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What Tradesmen are needed for an Office Fit out?

Professional tradespeople used within an office fit out project include partitioners, ceiling fixers, decorators, carpenters, and other specialist trades Partitioners Partition walls can be offered in a range of finishes from solid demountable to full height glazed partitioning. Skilled installers use good quality materials to achieve acoustic insulation. Most partitioning is demountable meaning it doesn’t...

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