Everything you need to know about the Gas Boiler Ban

March 15, 2019

The Government’s announcement was part of the spring statement speech made on Wednesday 13th March and outlined the Future Homes Standard which will come into effect in 2025, outlawing the installation of gas heating systems in new builds.

The aim is to make new homes more energy-efficient. The Government has called on the industry to aim for “world leading”, low-carbon heating, using heat pumps for example, rather than fossil fuel heating systems.

The Committee on Climate Change had recommended that new builds should be left off the gas grid altogether, but the Government’s ban is limited to heating systems.

So,the question is, what can you do to be ready for this new regulation? First of all, it is important to highlight that this regulation covers new build heating systems only, and new homes will still be connected to the gas grid for appliances such as gas ovens and hobs. Plus, 85% of current housing stock is heated by gas, so while this is a hit to gas engineering it is by no means an existential threat – in the short and medium term, at least.

Steven Moorhouse from Here 4 Heat Ltd says: “My team were already aware of this forthcoming change in regulation and we have been preparing for it. I am a ground and air source heat pump qualified engineer and I have been investing a lot in training for my team. While the team has installed air source systems, there has been little uptake in the ground source options so far. Although, this said, more and more consumers will surely turn to this technology and we’ll be ready when they do.”

Heat pumps look to be the technology currently in the lead in terms of being the go-to replacement for gas boilers. Steven says “The technology is incredibly efficient and for well-insulated new builds it works very well. Although, it is not easy or recommended to retrofit heat pumps into older buildings as they are not sufficiently insulated. Because of this we are confident that there will continue to be a need for gas heating systems alongside the growing market for heat pumps and a range of other technologies.”

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Another option is biomass boilers which have a very high initial cost, taking much more time to make the investment back in savings, but can be more successfully retrofitted to older properties. Steven adds “Manufacturers are also looking at other options including boilers fuelled by hydrogen fuel – this type of fuel is relatively expensive still so uptake on budget-savvy customers may be slow. All told, we’re confident that gas systems will still be prominent but nevertheless, we’re working to diversify the options we can offer to customers and all heating engineers should look to do the same – especially considering the latest announcement from the Government.

“In the longer term we understand that we need to push towards the greenest possible options but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things we can do now too. My team and I always actively encourage customers to purchase and upgrade to the most efficient boilers and controls on the market. We are committed to green solutions and take great pride in our ability to develop our team and our offering – we’re always adapting to new technology developments as they appear in the heating market.”


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