How to gut your guttering

April 4, 2019

Cleaning guttersRegularly decluttering your guttering will save you a small fortune. So that your guttering can perform properly, it needs to stay crack-free and clog-free.

Guttering can quickly fill up with leaves and debris. If you leave it long enough, you may also find moss or other plants growing in your gutters. If you discover water falling sharply from a certain spot, this probably indicates a build-up of debris. It’s easy to avoid though, just make sure you check your gutters regularly, and scoop out any leaves you find. However, if you want to avoid clearing out your gutters altogether, you could install gutter guards. These are grates that allow water through but block larger debris. Remember though, if getting rid of gutter clutter isn’t for you, you can always call in a Checkatrade professional to help.

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Ensure your gutters are clear and undamaged

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