Do you suffer with DIY procrastination?

December 24, 2018

Do you suffer with DIY procrastination?  A growing to-do list, the thought of that enormous and somewhat daunting task ahead, combined with the pressure of getting it right first time. Don’t worry we’ve been there, and we’re not surprised if you answered ‘yes’.

DIY Procrastination

In fact, DIY procrastination is completely normal, psychologist Piers Steel, PhD., at the University of Calgary found that 95 percent of us report having postponement problems, so it is not surprising we can struggle when considering actually starting a house renovation project. Every house renovation project comes with its unique set of challenges. In some cases, planning permission needs to be sought, in others cost control and tight budgets can prevent homeowners from just getting started. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, the team here at Checkatrade can help and have found five clear ways in which you can effectively move past your DIY procrastination and get that home improvement project finished in no time:

1. Inspire yourself
Ask yourself what you want to achieve and how you will go about creating inspiration. For some, creativity comes naturally, while others may need extra help to imagine how their finished project will look – regardless of whether they are decorating the lounge or building a conservatory. Browse websites such as Pinterest for ideas on what your finished project may look like as a way of envisioning your goal. This is will help you create an innovative design whilst aiding your excitement for the finished result.

2. Clear a set time to complete the task
It can be difficult to know when to fit DIY plans into a hectic schedule, particularly as DIY often takes a back seat to life’s other activities. Setting a clear time frame in which you plan on solely focusing on the task is important and key to success.
Informing others of your intentions to complete the home renovation task will also add some welcome peer pressure to ensure you get moving.

3. Lay out the items you need
Lay out a neat pile of all the items you will need for your DIY task. This will help you picture the steps you should take to complete the project in hand and which tools you will need to get started.
At this stage, you will also be able to visually plan the project so that you aren’t wasting time in sourcing unnecessary items.

4. Take regular breaks
Guilt and regret are both draining emotions, so we certainly don’t advise that you to punish yourself if you slip into old procrastinating ways.
Procrastination isn’t the same as laziness and is instead bred from frustration at the stress, boredom or difficulty of the task at hand. Making sure to break up a to-do list into sizeable chunks with regular short breaks in between will make the process run a lot smoother and keep DIY procrastination to a minimum.

5. Promise yourself a reward
Getting over DIY procrastination can be difficult, so once the task has been completed make sure you reward yourself. This can be anything you believe you have earned, from a simple cup of tea, to an extravagant item to place alongside your new housing renovation.

The reward stage is a must and will ensure you understand how good it feels to finish your desired project, resolving DIY procrastination for the long-term.

If your current home renovation project is too much to handle you can, of course, call in the trade experts. At Checkatrade we only work with quality, vetted tradesmen to ensure you, our valued customers, only work with the best. To find out more or to look for your required tradesman, please search our directory here.

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