Coming in 2019 Homeowner Cost Guides

December 11, 2018

Setting the right budget is crucial to the success of your project

Cost guides for home improvements

We know it’s difficult to estimate how much even a small home improvement project will cost, that’s why we’ve put in place plans to deliver a range of cost guides for some of the most sought after home improvements project in the United Kingdom.

In 2019 we will publish new cost guides for you packed with handy information including how to plan your project, what are the steps involved, anticipated variables and “trade secrets” directly from our expert Members. These valuable insights will give you the essential information you need to get your project kick-started.

Expert cost estimators have contributed to the cost guides, building on data provided by external independent sources and validated by key members of Checkatrade so the costs you see are an approximate national average.

Variables need consideration

There are, many variables that can significantly alter work costs beyond the average, which could prove potentially disastrous for someone working to a limited budget. Therefore, it is extremely useful for anyone contemplating any home projects to have an understanding of what changes to the design, build approach or specification will alter costs from the average, and how to make savings from these figures. What out for our first cost guides launching in January 2019.

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