How to Deep Clean your Carpets

January 16, 2019

Carpet cleaaingCarpets are tricky to clean because they generally must stay in place. You can hoover them and spot clean when you need to, but cleaning a whole wall-to-wall carpet is harder. To keep on top of your carpet cleaning, we recommend:

  • Hoovering the whole house at least twice a week, if not more if you have pets and family members partial to leaving behind a crumb or two!
  • Spot clean stains as they happen as this will prevent stubborn stains making a more permanent mark.
  • Having a daily spray of a carpet freshener. We like the 1001 range because not only does it keep your carpets and rugs smelling amazing, there’s no need to hoover it! You can just spray and be on your way.
  • Invest in a carpet cleaner if you can. The Vax range offers powerful deep cleaning. When using a carpet cleaner move what furniture you can and try to make maximum use of it by opening the windows and letting your carpet dry naturally to leave your home smelling fresh.

For an even deeper clean, we recommend calling in a professional carpet cleaner. They have all the right equipment to do a good job and can get your carpets smelling and looking brand new again which is harder to achieve long term. It’s important to look after your carpets and by cleaning them a few times a year, you are helping to prolong their life in your home. You can find a reliable and recommended expert carpet cleaner in your area with just a couple of clicks on Checkatrade.

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