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4 Tips to Help You Decide Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic

Image: Unsplash

There’s a galaxy of options out there when it comes to kitchen aesthetics, so don’t feel too disheartened if you’re a homeowner unsure about your next step in the kitchen overhaul process. This post will aim to shed some light on the tricky journey to kitchen nirvana by providing tips to help you decide what design route is best for you and your family.

Think about functionality 

For all the wild designs that might be floating around in your imagination, there’s a chance that you might have forgotten the basic functionality of your space. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where all meals are prepared and consumed and family often congregate on a daily basis, so it needs to be efficient.

You need to keep the ‘kitchen triangle’ in mind throughout the process: that’s the convenient orientation of three essential parts – the sink, the hob and the fridge. Before you make any concrete decisions be sure to draw this triangle and ascertain whether your aesthetic choices will get in the way of functionality or not.

Think about atmosphere

If yours is a playful kitchen brimming with ideas and creativity at all hours, then why not reflect this in the decor? Eye-catching, primary-colour-filled wallpaper on a feature wall is a fun way of injecting a little exuberance into the space, while you could spruce up your kitchen tile offering by adding some feature tiles in a Moroccan pattern or in zesty citrus hues.

If your kitchen is more luxurious than riotous, then you should probably think of investing in some premium granite worktop surfaces to create a luxe stage for bespoke culinary creations – or even just reheating yesterday’s leftovers!

Consider some expert advice 

Minimalism is very on-trend at the moment, thanks to the likes of Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of organisation. At the heart of Kondo’s methodology is a simple maxim – get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy in your heart.

Applying this to a functional space like the kitchen can be tricky, but if you find that you’re retaining too many items that provoke a joyful reaction, then maybe minimalism isn’t for you. Besides, a kitchen bursting with important personal items and beautiful decorative additions is in many ways more appealing than the stark contrasts and clean lines of a minimalist culinary space.

Be informed by your surroundings

Ultimately, your kitchen’s aesthetic depends on what kind of space you’re working with. A farmhouse vibe is much harder to pull off in a galley-style kitchen in a flat, for example. Making sure whatever style you’re going for is a seamless fit with its surroundings is essential, as it’ll help you achieve a harmonious balance, which utlimately makes the space more liveable.

Whether it’s a garden-facing kitchen punctuated with house plants or an industrial chic kichen in a converted factory apartment, the possibilities are limitless if you allow this to be a part of your decision-making process.

Image: Unsplash

Of course, these tips shouldn’t be adhered to by the letter, as you should add a dash of your own personal creativity into the mix – and if that means contravening one of the rules laid out above, then so be it!

Author bio:

Sophie Armstrong is a content creator for granite and quartz worktop specialists Burlington Granite, who provide a full bespoke worktop solution by offering templating, cutting, polishing and fitting, all driven by 25 years of industry experience.

Want to love your garden all year round?

If you love your garden but don’t know what to do with it in the winter, we have some ideas to keep you enjoying your outside space all season long.

If you have the room, why not start by growing a vegetable patch? There are all sorts of vegetables that can be planted in the winter months including:

  • Onions and shallots – these guys are so low maintenance, they pretty much look after themselves throughout the winter months.
  • Perpetual spinach – plant early enough and you should be able to harvest this throughout winter.
  • Broad beans – one of the best autumn sowings and very easy to plant.
  • Peas – there are so many varieties and they are quite hardy. Planting at the right time could mean you can enjoy your harvest three to four weeks earlier than most.

If you prefer boarder plants and hanging baskets, and want to find ways to brighten up the dark autumn and winter days, then why not consider these:

  • Pansies – available in a wide variety of colours and although they prefer sunlight, they will be happy in a semi shaded location.
  • Viola – this is a hardy little plant which will offer you a subtle but colourful display.
  • Primrose – another flower with a wide range of colour variations. Plant these on frost free days for the best results.

Of course, there are many more varieties of vegetables and flowers to choose from. Your local garden centre should be able to offer advice as to what will work best with your garden and the season.

Autumn and winter can also take its toll on your decking, fencing and trees, but did you know that there’s plenty you can do to help to keep them all looking their best whilst protecting them from the elements?


Firstly, give your decking and fencing a good clean, ensuring to clear all leaves and debris. This will help prevent mould and mildew forming. Then you can use a wood friendly, bleach-free cleaner.

If you chose to power-wash your decking or fencing be mindful of your settings as the wrong setting could damage the wood.

Once the wood is nice and clean, apply a water-repellent sealer. Moisture can penetrate unprotected wood, causing warping and splitting, so this is an essential step. Your local DIY store will have a variety of different products that can help you here. If the wood is stained or painted, consider stripping it back prior to applying a water-repellent sealer.

If there is snowfall, you should aim to clear the snow off decking and fencing as soon as you can – using a broom if possible, as a shovel will leave marks on the wood. If you do have to use a shovel, make sure you go for a plastic one and work lengthwise with the deck boards as to reduce the amount of damage. It is also best to avoid using any salt or ice removers, as these can cause the wood surface to deteriorate.

If you have any planters or pots on the decking surface, this could lead to staining where water has been draining away. Moving them around the deck on a regular basis should help avoid localised staining.


Remove weeds, overgrown plants and any rubbish from the base of your fence. This will help with drainage and allow the ground to dry out quicker, which is good news for your fence posts.

Any loose fence posts and panels should be repaired so they are strong enough to survive the winter winds. In bad weather, even the smallest damage to a fence panel can quickly lead to a bigger problem to repair, so it’s important to keep on top of them.

If you have metal fences, these will also need through cleaning to remove any rust patches. Usually, using a wire brush and some good old-fashioned elbow grease will do the trick. Once the surface is clean and rust free, apply some rust resistant paint to help slow down further rusting. If there is a large amount of rust you should consider sanding the entire area, applying a primer and then a few coats of rust resistant paint.


It’s important to prune your trees ready for winter, so they can withstand the colder months ahead.

You should focus on any branches that are over or near your house, car or power lines. It is best to remove them if you think the branches are already dead or damaged.

You may already be aware of the benefits of fertilizing, mulching and hydrating your trees and it’s important that you do this ahead of winter too. This will make sure they have all the nutrients they need to see them through.

If you have young plants or trees you should also protect the roots by applying some mulch on top of the soil covering them. This acts as insulation, protecting the vulnerable roots against the dropping temperatures.

If you need help from a tree surgeon or gardener, why not check out our approved members in your local area now.

4 Costly Home Improvement Projects & the Value They Add to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to invest in a home renovation plan that will add immediate resale value on to your property or you’re in the market for a project which will set you and your family up for the future, larger home improvement projects are a secure way to ensure the value of your property increases – regardless of when you choose to sell.

While large-scale home improvements can be costly, the return value on the lump sum of money you put into a luxury loft conversion or the kitchen redesign of dreams will be well worth it. This can not only add economic value to your property, but has the instant ability to turn your house into a home you’re proud of – so, check out these tips from the finance experts at Jolly Good Loans.

Image: Pexels

1 Plan a loft conversion

Arguably the most effective and largest on-scale technique is to plan a loft conversion in your home. A lot of the time, this dark and dormant space in your home is filled with untouched trinkets and dusty hand-me-downs that are unlikely to be missed if replaced with a double bedroom or living space, alongside a smaller bathroom area.

Typically costing anywhere between £20,000 and £60,000, a well furnished and nicely laid out loft space will add an average of 20% onto the value of your property – giving your £200,000 family home an increased worth of around £40,000 and a whole new floor of room for your family to grow into.

Opt for glass

Blurring the boundaries between your outdoor space and your cosy inside living area is an effective way to create the illusion of a larger and brighter indoor home. When properly planned and executed, an extended glass conservatory gives you both more room to enjoy time with your friends and family in a light, comfortable space while also increasing the value of your property by an average of 7%.

With the typical glass conservatory costing an estimated £15,000, this pricey upgrade not only gives your home the desirable touch most prospective homeowners are looking for, but this modern update will make your Victorian house feel like new in no time.

3 Extend your home

A single storey house extension is perhaps the most obvious way to guarantee an increase in property value while also future-proofing your growing family’s home. This can be expensive with the average price of an extension per square metre costing the UK homeowner up to £1,500 outside of London, and an additional £1000 for those living within the country’s capital.

In spite of its associated price tag, a single-storey house extension will fetch your home an additional 10% when put on the market. This can make the initial investment in your extension worthwhile, particularly in densely populated areas such as city centres – where space is at a premium and the returns can, therefore, be more lucrative.

4 Rethink your rooms

When it comes to potential buyers looking around your property, a crucial component – which in many cases translates to an immediate deciding factor of whether your house sells or not – is the amount of storage space there is in your home. As the busiest and arguably most practical rooms in your house, your kitchen and bathroom are the first places you should look to redesign and develop – so consider adding storage units in neutral tones when looking to add value to your property.

A new kitchen will, on average, cost you £8,000 and will increase the value of your property by around 5.8%. A complete bathroom redevelopment on the other hand, will cost you a little less of up to £6,000 and is expected to add an additional 6.1% onto the worth of your home. Fill them both with modern amenities, natural lighting and scented candles in the bathroom and freshly baked produce in the kitchen and expect to see the interest in your property increase.

Whether you’re inviting guests into your home for the first time, looking to impress prospective buyers or you’re coming home after a long day at work, being able to take pride in the property you’ve bought and added your stamp to is important – and with a little TLC, you can guarantee your home won’t go unnoticed.

Author bio :Keith Harrison is a content creator and writer for Jolly Good Loans – your online personal loans encyclopedia.

Dragon’s Den inspires decorator to skydive for two charities!

A tradesman from Norfolk has been inspired by a Dragon’s Den contestant to don his decorating overalls for a charity skydive.
Wayne de Wet, a recommended and vetted painter and decorator based in Caister-on-Sea, has been fundraising for Cancer Research UK for the last 10 years but is now up for a new challenge since meeting Jordan Daykin, the youngest entrepreneur to receive investment on BBC’s Dragons Den when he was just 18-years-old.
Jordan, CEO of GripIt Fixings, secured an £80,000 cash injection from Deborah Meaden on the show in 2014 for 25% of his company which he invented with his Grandfather from their garden shed. By 2016, GripIt Fixings were being stocked in over 3,000 UK stores and exported to 32 countries and they now have the capacity to create 32 million fixings per year. As well as recently releasing his autobiography ‘Gripped’, Jordan is also an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society, the charity which inspired Wayne’s charity challenge.
Wayne, who is planning to jump out of a plane at the end of November this year, contacted Jordan Daykin to test and review the GripIt MarXman, a professional marking tool. Wayne’s tool reviews regularly feature in The Decorator, the official journal of the Painting and Decorating Association.
Since reviewing the tool and receiving support directly from Jordan at GripIt, Wayne said: ‘I’ve always wanted to do a skydive for charity and after meeting Jordan, I thought what better way to raise money for two amazing causes – The Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research UK. I’m going to offer companies the chance to have their logos printed on my overalls, which will give them great exposure and help me reach my fundraising goals.’
The painting and decorating industry has offered overwhelming support to Wayne de Wet’s charity fundraising efforts over the last decade, and he’s hoping they’ll back his skydive in the same way.
If you or your company would like to sponsor Wayne and get your company logo onto the overalls he’ll be skydiving in, you can contact him on 07947 121936. Alternatively, you can donate direct to his Virgin Money Giving page

Creating the Ultimate At-Home Gym from Floor to Ceiling

Image source: Depositphotos

 The dream of having your very own home gym is a common one – and it’s little wonder. Who wouldn’t want to work out away from all the annoying people you find at the gym? The too-loud headphones, the treadmill-hoggers, and, of course, those who are only there for the selfies…

Even if you’re one of these stereotypes, it would be nice to get away from a busy gym and exercise in the comfort of your own home. This post will provide everything you need to make sure you nail a gym-focused home renovation, paving the way for membership cancellation sooner than you’d think.

Know your budget

Before you start, you need to know how much money you’re spending on this project. A small-scale home gym can be done on the cheap, with the addition of a treadmill and some weights.

If you’re shooting for the moon and have grand ideas regarding an all-inclusive workout experience, up your budget accordingly – as there’s nothing worse than having a half-finished room in your home when the money runs out.

Use neglected space

If there’s an area of your home that you simply don’t use enough – be it your garage, a spare bedroom or a utility space – this could be the perfect home for your personal workout centre. Just make sure the floor’s tough enough to hold the weight of heavy equipment and, well, weights. A garage with a floor built to accommodate a car is the best place to set up your weightlifting area to avoid damage to carpets or flooring you’ve invested money in.

Breathing new life into your home in such a way will not only add value to your property but also make your home a more functional and pleasant place to be. An alternative to using neglected space is adding an extra element to an already existing room – if you work from home, why not stick a treadmill in your home office so you can put in an easy workout when on your break? Just make sure you’re not unduly cluttering the space, and you’ll be fine.

Know your workout type

A strong benefit of designing your own personal gym is that it can be tailored to you personally, and you can avoid having to pay for machines that you just won’t use. If you’re a cardio fan above all else, you won’t need to spend money on weights or pull-up bars and vice versa for treadmills and cross trainers.

If you like to get active in the great outdoors when you can, make sure there’s somewhere to accommodate your road bike on rainy days – either a set of rollers or something more high-tech, like a virtual cycling experience such as the ever-popular Zwift.

Add home comforts

The key here is to understand that you should exploit the fact that your gym is at home. If you’ve spent far too long staring into space in a dull-looking public gym, you’ll surely have plenty of ideas regarding what home comforts you could put in your at-home gym.

From a simple addition such as a TV or a Bluetooth speaker (no need to wear headphones, you can blast your tunes as loud as you like in your home) to something more luxe like a set of bi-fold doors that mean you can let the breeze in on a warm day, adding elements like these will surely put the ‘home’ in home gym.

Of course, be careful not to cram the space with homely touches, as the prime focus of your home gym is a successful workout.

Image source: Unsplash

If you’re designing any new room in your house, the most important thing is to indulge your own creativity first and foremost. Adding a dash of your own personality to these actionable tips will have you cancelling your direct debit membership and living the home gym workout in no time.

Alex Jones is a features writer for Start Fitness – providers of running, cycling, gym, football and outdoor products.

5 Budget Bathroom Overhaul Ideas

Image source: Pixabay

If you’re investing some serious money into a home-wide renovation, the majority of your budget will typically be spent on living areas, the kitchen and the bedrooms. After all, you might think a bathroom overhaul would mean a full-scale rip out and replace job, eating up your budget and leaving you unable to use such a crucial room for a while.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you think creatively. This post will explain how your bathroom can be overhauled in a way that’s economical with both time and money – suggesting subtle tweaks that can make a big difference.

Tired of your tiles? Update them

Some of the more heinous interior design crimes of the 1990s and early 2000s involve bathroom tiles – and if you have a few downright ugly tiles from that period still clinging on in your home, now is the time to modernise. Update a band of patterned tiles with a modern geometric design while retaining the plain tiles that surround them for a budget fix that looks just as good as a total refit.

Geometric isn’t the only cutting-edge tile style blessing modern bathrooms – you could go for a Moroccan-inspired design or a sharp primary colour metro tile splashback, both of which are quality options for an up-to-date bathroom style.

Consider how you let light in

If we’re talking in terms of how your bathroom will look, sources of light are very important indeed. Natural light blesses any space it touches, so consider updating or overhauling your bathroom blinds so they’re able to better illuminate the room.

If there’s enough light coming in to sustain plant life, grab a few plants that thrive in humidity, such as ferns or begonias. A few bursts of greenery can revamp any space and don’t have to break the bank, either – so it’s well worth considering a verdant overhaul once you’ve switched up your blinds. 

Look out for little luxuries

Above all, the bathroom needs to be a space in which you can luxuriate and indulge in a bit of ‘you time’. Little luxury overhauls can help you achieve this, and they can be as simple as swapping out a tired old bath mat for something a little more comfortable for your feet.

In terms of your bathroom fixtures, there are plenty of inexpensive upgrades that you can make to dial the luxury factor up a notch. Upgrading your bathroom radiatorsto include heated towel rails can transform your post-shower experience, while swapping old bathroom taps for eco-friendly, modern designs can improve the look of your bathroom – all while helping you save money on your water bill, which is definitely a win-win in our eyes.

Make it a space to unwind in

If you’re a five-minute-shower-and-go type, you can be forgiven for not thinking of the bathroom as a place to relax in. However, by investing in a few small-scale upgrades, you can turn this around altogether.

Tea light holders and fragrance diffusers placed around the bathtub can transform a weeknight soak into a meditative relaxation session, while the simple addition of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker can help you play your favourite music for mentally unwinding.

Keep it organised

Part of what keeps a tired bathroom looking that way is clutter – and if there’s a lot of it bursting out of your cupboards and dotted about the shower floor, it’s definitely time for an overhaul. It’s easier to relax in a tidy space, and, with the implementation of a few storage hacks such as decanting shower gel into dispensers and adding toothbrush holders to the medicine cabinet, it couldn’t be easier.

This super-simple step is also very cheap, and it may well breathe new life into tiles and fixtures that were previously obscured by shower gel bottles and soap containers.

Image source: StockSnap

So, what are you waiting for? We hope this post has proven that, with a bit of lateral thinking and only a modest house renovation budget, you can utterly transform your bathroom into your new favourite place to be in the home. Indulge your creativity while following these steps to make your dream budget bathroom a reality.

This blog was provided by 1 Click Bathrooms, the UK’s online one-stop shop that helps homeowners build their dream bathroom piece by piece.

5 Functional Yet Stylish Home Redesign Tips

Whether you’ve finally got a foot on the property ladder or you’re more of a casual renter, you’ll be well aware that it takes a little effort to turn a house into a home. But from forking out for renovation fees to overhauling a property with someone else’s name on the mortgage, this is easier said than done.

In today’s post, we’re showing you how you can revolutionise your interior without having to break the bank.

  1. Get smart with storage

In an age where technology is very much a part of our everyday lives, more and more homes are seeing an increase in tech usage – and with this comes more gadgets, wires and ‘stuff’ in general. This leads to the need for extra space to store these additional possessions – so how can you find more space in an already busy home?

It pays to do some research if you’re looking for those lesser-known hacks, but we would recommend working room by room. Add clips to any desks to keep charging wires stored neatly away, utilise door hangers in bedrooms, pegboards in the kitchen and the inside of cupboard doors throughout your home to create a touch more space while also keeping things tidy.

  1. Maximise shelf space

Image: Pixabay

From chunky wooden units to sleek white cabinets, shelving can be incorporated into any room in the home, offering both style and practicality – but are you using it to full effect? While we’re not suggesting you pack your shelves with odds and ends, it’s not unlikely that you’re failing to truly maximise this space.

Before you simply remove items from every surface and transfer them to your shelves, start with a declutter. Ask yourself if your accessories are needed in that room or if they’re adding to the space’s aesthetic. If the answer to both of these questions is no, then consider repurposing them or giving them to charity – rather than storing them on a shelving unit where they’ll simply gather dust.

  1. Invest in multi-use fixtures & fittings

When it comes to standard fixtures and fittings, move away from thinking that a single furniture item has just a single function. For example, can a footstool double up as a storage unit? Do you need a large dining table or can you invest in a smaller one that folds out or allows chairs to be tucked neatly away underneath?

Beds are an obvious area for space saving, particularly if you have small children and their toys seem to multiply overnight! Mesh nets can also be an effective option for family homes, allowing you to attach them to various walls throughout the house so you can store bath toys, shoes and other objects with ease.

  1. Upcycle tired furniture


Image: Pixabay

 If you’re creatively minded, you’ll be able to find upcycling opportunities in just about every room in your home. Whether you’re hanging onto used wine bottles and turning them into stylish candle holders or sanding down and repainting tired-looking drawers, a little imagination will go a long way when it comes to redesigning your home.

For items that seem beyond repair, put your DIY skills to the test – you’ll soon find you can achieve more than you first thought. Rather than throwing away a table with broken legs, why not attach it to a wall? This will save space and money, as you won’t need to shell out for a new one. Old sofa cushions can be repurposed to create comfortable dining chairs, while mounted ladders can create additional wall storage – the possibilities are endless.

  1. Switch up your floor plan

In your quest for a functional yet stylish interior, don’t neglect floor space. Keep in mind that smaller spaces will benefit from less clutter, so, where possible, elevate your home accessories to free up your floor. This could be as simple as switching a floor lamp for spotlights or saying goodbye to free-standing bookcases in favour of floating shelves.

Something as seemingly insignificant as rearranging your furniture or mounting your TV onto the wall can completely alter a room’s aesthetic – so if you’re at a loss as to where to start with your redesign, consider these minor updates first.

Final tips

For homeowners: it’s wise to think in terms of long-term investments. Whether this is laminate flooring that requires little maintenance (as opposed to carpets which can become dirty and worn down more easily) or granite worktops that are designed to stand the test of time in your kitchen, keep the future in mind before you part with your hard-earned cash.

For renters: avoid splashing out on costly updates that you’ll be forced to leave behind when you move on. Consider curtains instead of blinds, (as these can be more easily tailored to fit your new windows) and use protectors on the bottom of furniture to avoid indentations in flooring. This will all serve to help you keep the property looking pristine, without any added expense when you move out.

Remember: if you are investing in some home design updates, find a tradesperson you can trust first.

Content provided by Ian Roberts, PR Executive for Stone Genie, premium quartz, Corian and granite worktop  specialists.


5 Reasons to Consider a New Bathroom Installation

Home renovations in general, take a lot of time, money and patience – even more so when its an important room in the house such as the bathroom. Your bathroom should be a place of serenity and relaxation, it should be a place where you want to go after all its more than likely the first room you visit on a morning and the last place you visit on a night.

If your bathroom fills you with dread and makes you want to be in and out as quickly as possible then it could be time for a remodel.

We’ve gathered our top five signs in which you should be on the lookout for, suggesting you should think about getting a new bathroom installed.

Worn Out?

Along with the kitchen the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, it goes without saying your bathroom will be in need of some TLC. There does come a point where something has to be done, for example if your tile grout is flaking or mould and moisture damage is occurring it may be time to give your bathroom a refresh, along with these not making your bathroom look appealing there could be potential health hazards, making it important to get it sorted.

Fancy a Change?

One of the most popular reasons people visit Solutions plumbing and heating for remodelling a bathroom is due to a change in circumstances within the family. Young families with children tend to rework their bathrooms to accommodate the newer additions to their family, adding more storage space and usually a larger bath if they don’t already have one. Along with new families, a new bathroom maybe beneficial to an elderly homeowner with reduced mobility who may find it difficult to get in and out of the bath, they might benefit more from a walk-in bath or shower.

Is It Functional?

Although the aesthetics of your bathroom are important, functionality must always come first. These sorts of issues usually arise from the decisions of the previous owner, however your thoughts and circumstances maybe completely different to the previous owners. Instead of putting up with them why not do something about them? You would be surprised at some of the dysfunctional bathrooms that are out there, especially in smaller homes.

In Style?

If your bathroom hasn’t been touched for a few years, it may just need a bit of a facelift. Styles and tastes can change at a rapid rate, sometimes a room can benefit from a little revamp. You don’t have to stand for that bright flowery wallpaper the previous owners left you with, its time to make your own mark on the room. Small changes such as little fixtures, the wallpaper or even the shower curtain can make a huge difference to your bathroom.

Is the Lighting Right?

When getting ready in the morning the last thing you want is poor lighting to make things even more difficult. The lighting in a bathroom is crucial, it can be as simple as adding a couple of new fixtures or as extravagant as installing a sky light. Your bathroom should always be a bright and well-lit space, but should be dimmable allowing you to create different moods depending on the time of day and who is using the bathroom, after all your bathroom should be a relaxing place where you can unwind after a long stressful day.

I Need a New Bathroom, What Next?

If you’ve read through our top 5 considerations on a new bathroom installation, and agreed to one or more of our reasons why, it could be time to reconsider your bathroom layout. At Solutions Plumbing and Heating we give you the freedom you are looking for. We will work closely with you to ensure the finished product is everything you expected and more.

Will a New Bathroom Installation Be Expensive?

At Solutions Plumbing and Heating, we price every project based on the amount of work involved. By visiting your property and seeing first hand what you need doing, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate quote. We always recommend one of our team members to come and visit your home to assess the amount of work needing to be done, however quotes can be given through email or over the phone if we receive the layout and measurements it also helps if we have photos and if possible images of the facilities you’d like us to install.

How Long Do Bathroom Installations Take

Each bathroom installation varies on the amount of work involved, an installation can take anywhere between a couple of weeks or a few days depending on what needs to be done to complete the project. You might then be asking yourself if a new bathroom installation will cause disruptions in your home? Here at Solutions Plumbing and Heating we will try and disrupt as little as possible when installing your new bathroom, our service includes fitting dust sheets to protect your home, we are professional technicians who offer a top-quality service, we will respect your property and remove any old bathroom equipment to leave your new bathroom looking clean and brand new.

Why Choose Solutions Heating and Plumbing?

Our friendly and professional team offer a caring service that stands out, we believe that the entire project is focused on your vision of a bathroom that you will cherish. Solutions Heating and Plumbing have over 20 years’ experience, we understand what it takes to provide a bathroom installation service in which you are completely happy with.

We believe we should be your first choice when considering a new bathroom installation, here’s a few reasons why;

  • Care and attention with each installation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliable installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Comprehensive plumbing services
  • Experience from installing a range of bathrooms and bathroom furnishings

If you believe that your bathroom is in need of a bit of a makeover, please feel free to get in touch with us here at Solutions Plumbing and Heating let us help you turn your bathroom into a special sanctuary which you actually look forward to winding down in. Give one of our friendly team members a call today on 07825 268097.

5 Ways To Embrace Vintage Interior Design In Your Home

Image: Unsplash

All things vintage are en vogue at the moment, and this is especially true for furniture. If you’re a homeowner in need of some style inspiration for your new home (or even a place you’ve lived in for decades) then we have you covered.

 In this quick guide courtesy of the antique and furniture experts at Featonby’s, we’ll show you how to embrace this vibrant furniture trend in your home.

1. Small-scale furniture overhaul

When homeowners think of getting new furniture, they often imagine the difficulty of moving out well-loved old sofas and replacing them with new flat pack furniture that can take an age (and an engineering degree) to construct.

However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t invest in somesmall-scalefurniture options like end tables and small bookcases. These items are portable enough to move from room to room, meaning that a vintage-savvy homeowner can do a style switch-up in any room with ease.

2. Art – to make the space your own

If you’ve recently moved in to your first house, the walls can seem a little bare. Of course, there are a lot of wall decoration options out there, and the choices can be dizzying. Our solution is that you should consider diving into the vintage art market for some bespoke pieces to really make your home unique. You don’t have to be a millionaire to bid on art at an auction, as all manner of budget-friendly pieces are auctioned off every day up and down the country.

The satisfaction of owning a piece of handcrafted art, and appreciating it every day in your home, is undoubtedly one of the finer things in life.

3. Functional vintage

Of course, investing in vintage chic doesn’t have to mean investing in objects that have no purpose other than looking pretty and making your home look fantastic. If you value form and function, there are plenty of options out there for you.

Functional vintage pieces, such as old-school coffee machines or classic fine china from manufacturers such as Denby or Meissen are a great investment. Even built-to-last kitchenware such as Le Creuset pots are considered vintage chic nowadays, so the next time you’re after something functional for your home, cast the net a little wider and think about investing in a vintage piece.

4. Harness the vinyl renaissance

The recent vinyl boom shows no sign of slowing, which means that a huge amount of vintage record players and dusty old LPs are cutting-edge at the moment. This is an ideal vintage style option as you don’t have to invest in a bulky old-school turntable, just the records will do and modern turntables are fairly cheap.

Display your favourite iconic album covers in frames on your walls or just play the music out loud for a fun throwback that’ll have you loving forgotten classics all over again.

5. Glassware & Vases

Vases and other glassware in vintage styles are another type of vintage chic gaining traction, and they look good just about anywhere in the home. High-quality vintage brands to look out for include anything related to the Murano Glass of Italy and art deco British companies such as Sowerby and Bagley.

 Murano Glass is derived from the Italian island of Murano near Venice, which benefited from the area’s artistic heritage to boom in the 1950s and 60s, and pieces from the region are held in high regard today – so keep your eyes peeled for delicately crafted glass vases in riotous colours.

Of course, the best way to find vintage interior design pieces is to get out there in the markets and auctions and scan for something that’ll really make your house a home.


Alex Jones is a content creator at Featonby’s, a specialist antiques and collectibles auction house based in North Tyneside, England

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