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Driveway PavingDriveways

Planning a new driveway checklist

There are a number of ways to go about improving the appearance and functionality of your driveway. With so many paving materials and styles to choose from there can be a massive variance in price between quotes. Before starting the decision-making process it’s vital that you know exactly what to ask to ensure you’re receiving…

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Landscape GardenerTree Surgeon

Branching out: why tradespeople should consider tree surgeon training

Learning the skills required to become a tree surgeon can help tradespeople take on additional jobs, especially in the quieter months. In this blog, we detail the steps required to learn the skill and what’s needed to start working in the sector. Keep on climbing It doesn’t matter if you call them tree surgeons or…

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Tradespeople fit out office

Carpenters & Joiners

What tradesmen are needed for an office fit out?

Professional tradespeople used within an office fit out project include partitioners, ceiling fixers, decorators, carpenters, and other specialist trades Partitioners Partition walls can be offered in a range of finishes from solid demountable to full height glazed partitioning. Skilled installers use good quality materials to achieve acoustic insulation. Most partitioning is demountable meaning it doesn’t...

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Stopcock location


Where to look when you can’t find your stopcock

When a pipe has just burst, what’s the worst that can happen? You can’t find the stopcock. Leaks are unpredictable but acting fast will help to prevent water damage destroying your property, so you need to get to your stopcock as quickly as possible. Where is my stopcock?  The stopcock is usually found under the...

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Old plumbing can burst


What to do when a pipe bursts

Last winter saw more snow days than we can remember, resulting in lots of home disasters – which is why we need to start preparing our pipes now to help avoid flooding and other costly water damage. Having a plumber check if your pipes are prone to freezing is the best way to prevent potential...

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preventing decking from decaying

Landscape Gardening

How to prevent your decking from decaying

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to preparing your garden decking for the change in seasons. Repairing or replacing damaged decking and broken sections can be a big and costly job, so if you can prepare and preserve your panels, you’ll be well on your way to looking after your wood for winter....

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Getting your gutters clean


Get your gutters sorted for the new season

The nights are drawing in, the weather’s on the turn and the leaves are going brown and crispy. It’s officially autumn and time to start thinking about getting your gutters ready for the changing seasons. Great Britain is renowned for our heavy downpours, blustery winds and colourful falling leaves. This unfortunately means that the gutters...

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air extractor vents need cleaning


Why you need to clean your extractor fan

How often do you think to clean your extractor fan? We think that this is one of the most overlooked household jobs, but you need to make it a must-do. Why do I need to clean my extractor fan?  Extractor fans draw up plenty of airborne particles and dust which collect in the vents, filters...

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Creating the Ultimate At-Home Gym from Floor to Ceiling

 The dream of having your very own home gym is a common one – and it’s little wonder. Who wouldn’t want to work out away from all the annoying people you find at the gym? The too-loud headphones, the treadmill-hoggers, and, of course, those who are only there for the selfies… Even if you’re one...

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Electrician tools


What is a high integrity consumer unit and when should it be used?

Often hidden away from view, the consumer unit is the central hub of the home’s electrical network from where all circuits are connected to the main supply and isolated when required. Protecting circuits, appliances and crucially the occupants, it is in many ways, the single most important electrical device in the home. Yet it’s only...

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Bathroom overhaul ideas

Bathroom FittingPlumbing

5 budget bathroom overhaul ideas

If you’re investing some serious money into a home-wide renovation, the majority of your budget will typically be spent on living areas, the kitchen and the bedrooms. After all, you might think a bathroom overhaul would mean a full-scale rip out and replace job, eating up your budget and leaving you unable to use such...

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Deep cleaning with professional carpet cleaning equipment

Carpet Fitting

Why professional carpet cleaning?

Anyone that has attempted diy carpet cleaning in their home will know what a chore it can be and what disastrous problems can result! Even with the best intentions and enthusiastic Googling of the subject, carpets can easily be damaged and look worse than when you started, and you have probably spent money to achieve...

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