The Ultimate Checklist to Cleaning a Property At The End Of Your Tenancy

Moving out of a rented property can be an exciting time, especially if you’ve purchased your first home all of your own. Or you could simply be moving to another rented property in a nicer area or starting a new chapter of your life living with a partner.

But arguably the most important task of all is the end of tenancy cleaning. If you don’t leave your property in the condition you found it in when you moved in all of that time ago, you could find yourself losing money.

Cleaning a whole property from top to bottom can be a huge undertaking, and it’s important to do everything right if you want to get your full deposit back from your landlord. But where on earth should you start?

We have prepared the ultimate end of tenancy checklist for you.

1. Go through your inventory

Your first task should be to go through the inventory provided by your landlord. This should specify exactly what was in the property when they handed the keys over to you, from what bedding was provided to exactly how many teaspoons were in the cutlery drawer.

2. Move all of your furniture

You will need to clean your home from top to bottom before moving out, from any lingering cobwebs on the ceiling to grime on your skirting boards. The best way to ensure you haven’t missed anything is to move all of your furniture and clean underneath/around/above absolutely everything.

3. Take all crockery and cutlery out of the cupboards

Similarly, your landlord may notice if your crockery and cutlery isn’t as clean as it could be, and it’s not the most pleasant welcome for incoming tenants if they’re coming into a property with mucky items.

4. Use natural deodorisers

It’s a nice touch to leave your home smelling fresh before the next tenants move in, but there is a risk if you use artificially scented chemical cleaners to do this that people could wonder what mess you were trying to hide and whether there’s anything they need to be worrying about.

5. Leave cleaning the bathroom until last

Alongside the kitchen, where you’re likely to feel obliged to brew up for anyone who’s helping you with the move, the bathroom is a room that will need to be in use until you leave. Even if you’ve been camped out sat on the floor for hours waiting for your removal van, traffic/too many of those brews/nerves could see you needing a last-minute visit to the toilet, even if you’ve already cleaned it.

6. See to the garden

If there’s a garden or outdoor patio or balcony attached to your rented property, you will most likely be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this too.
If you’ve let things get a little out of hand and the weeds are growing and clutter is building up outside, remember to take the time to clean up and do a little gardening before you leave.

7. Call in professional help

If this is the first time you’re moving, you won’t necessarily know exactly what needs doing, but the FastKlean team has years of experience of helping tenants to leave their homes in the standard of cleanliness that landlords expect. Contact the team to find out more today.

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