5 Carpet Cleaning Myths – by Carpet Bright UK

Carpets don’t come cheap, whether you have one fitted at home or in the workplace. It stands to reason, therefore, that you’ll want your carpet to stay looking good, for as long as possible.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by knowing how to look after your carpet properly. Yet, with a lot of confusing and conflicting information doing the rounds regarding carpet cleaning, it’s no wonder that this is often easier said than done. Here are five common carpet cleaning myths debunked.

Myth 1: Your carpet only needs professional cleaning if it gets stained

Nobody likes to see unsightly stains blemish the appearance of their carpet, so, inevitably, this will be a time when you’ll call for professional carpet cleaning assistance. But, it shouldn’t be the only time your carpet gets an expert detoxing. Even if your carpet is free from stains, there could be contaminants lurking deep within its fibres that you can’t see, and which a vacuum cleaner isn’t able to suck up. Dust, dust mites, pet hair, mold spores, bacteria and other pollutants can live unnoticed in a carpet, but can affect the health of your carpet, and even the health of those around you. For this reason, getting your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis is essential, even if it doesn’t look soiled.

Myth 2: It’s easy to clean a carpet yourself

We live in a day and age where the internet has made it possible for us to easily manage many tasks in the home, particularly with the prevalence of online videos and tutorials. This is all well and good, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s always a wise idea to call in the professionals if you’ve got a stain that needs shifting. The problem with using common cleaning solutions on carpets is that they might not be suitable for a specific stain. In some cases, you might make the stain worse by rubbing it in, or using too much of the product so that the stain settles into the carpet for good. If you value your carpet, don’t take any risks, and, instead, opt for expert help.

Myth 3: Choose a carpet cleaner who offers the best price

Let’s face it, we all like a bargain, and choosing the cheapest carpet cleaning company around might seem like good financial sense – but, think again. Not all carpet cleaning companies are created equally, and there is a wealth of difference between the quality of services you can find available, and the equipment and products used to clean carpets. If you want to ensure your carpet is getting the best cleaning treatment possible, basing your decision on price alone is never a sensible idea. Instead, choose a carpet cleaning company that boasts excellent reviews and quality credentials, and uses high tech equipment by skilled and experienced cleaning technicians.

Myth 4: Carpets take days to dry

Many people are put off getting their carpet professionally cleaned as they wrongly assume that the drying process is long and protracted. This is only the case if a carpet has been exposed to excessive moisture from inferior cleaning practices, or poor quality cleaning equipment is used. With the advent of cutting-edge cleaning technology, many carpets can now be dried within a couple of hours, although this can take a little longer depending on the specific problems or the fabric of the carpet. Certainly, if you choose a carpet cleaning company that uses the latest technology and best practices, your carpet will be cleaned and dried in the quickest time possible.

Myth 5: Carpet cleaning can ruin a carpet

There is a common misconception that regular carpet cleaning can somehow damage a carpet’s fibres, but this isn’t the case. The only time that carpet cleaning may ruin a carpet is if incorrect products, equipment or techniques have been used. In fact, with professional carpet cleaning and the right tools for the job, regular cleaning maintenance removes contaminants and can actually help to extend a carpet’s lifespan. Again, checking the credentials of the carpet cleaning company you use is vital to ensure you safeguard the health and longevity of your carpet.

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