Clipstone Man Swims the Channel to support local children’s sports club!


Neil Hardwick has struggled with diabetes since 2005 which unfortunately in 2010 led to him suffering a life threatening stroke. The stroke left Neil disabled with very little movement in his left side and with severe limitations in his legs which meant even a short walk to the shop was a real challenge.

Five years on and after several major operations including one leg being almost completely reconstructed out of steel Neil was able to start a rehabilitation exercise plan to help aid his recovery. Swimming was one of the recommend activities and although his first trip to the pool only saw him swim six lengths in an hour Neil was delighted to be able to exercise free from any pain.

The Challenge!

To swim the English Channel! From the 16th January to 22nd January 2017 Neil will attempt to swim 21 miles, the same distance point to point from the UK to France.

The challenge will take place in an indoor pool and has to be completed within 7 days with a minimum of 3 miles (192 lengths) per day with only a five-minute break allowed every mile.

When Neil was asked why he had decided to take on the challenge his reply was easy for him to explain, “I’ve for some reason been lucky enough to be given a new lease of life and mixed with me being a little mad, we came up with the plan after one of my recent training sessions”.

Neil is looking to raise £5,000 for Clipstone Welfare Colts FC

A Clipstone man, Neil has a passion for football and supporting his local community. Clipstone Welfare Colts Football Club has been a significant part of his life and following a very tough few years the club continues to play such an important role in offering sporting opportunities to children between the ages of 6 to 14 years old.

Can you help us reach our target ~ 100 businesses donating a minimum of £50.00 would do it!

There are several ways in which you can donate and support Neil’s remarkable challenge and his chosen charity. Neil’s just giving page is:

Donations made by cheque should be made payable to Clipstone Welfare Colts FC and sent to Neil’s Swim the Channel Challenge, Clipstone Welfare, Mansfield Road. Clipstone NG21 9AL.
Cash donations will also be gratefully received.


One thought on “Clipstone Man Swims the Channel to support local children’s sports club!

  1. Neil Hardwick

    I completed the swim of 21 miles in a total of 14 hours of swimming a very very hard challenge but so pleased to complete it and generate some money for a great club


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