Checkatrade Conquer The Mountain!

On Saturday 17th September, our fantastic group set off early in the morning to conquer Ben Nevis!
We thought it was about time you met the team, so before they left we asked a few of them what they were looking forward to about the event and what they thought their biggest challenge would be…

Matt ‘Stonecold’ Simpson – Personal trainer (Checkatrade’s very own Scotsman)


Matt says: I am most looking forward to the actual challenge of climbing Ben. I am not looking forward to the hangover the next day after we celebrate our achievement!
(Checkatrade encourages those who fancy a tipple to drink responsibly!)


Julie Adams – Membership Liaison Manager


Julie says: I am looking forward to a snowball fight at the top (safety first please Julie, safety first). I think the biggest challenge will be getting up and back down before the pub shuts. Nervous that Matt’s knee may give way and we will have to stretcher him down!


Rachel Burt – Project Manager


Rachel says: I’m really looking forward to visiting Scotland for the first time and taking that team photo at the top! Hopefully the weather will permit us to reach the top and enjoy good views. I’m most nervous about the toilet situation… There are none! We’ll be drinking lots of water to keep hydrated and I can just imagine being the first one in the group that needs to go. If I can survive that I should be able to survive the car journey there and back.


Craig Norris – Developer


Craig says: I’m looking forward to climbing the tallest mountain in the UK, I think I have done the other two of the three peaks, but not Ben Nevis, also looking forward to drinking scotch in Scotland! However I am not looking forward to the post-climb celebration hangover and then achey legs on the drive back! (Again, Checkatrade encourages those who fancy a tipple to drink responsibly!)


Donna Trethewey – Retention Specialist


Donna says: Can’t wait for Ben Nevis. I aspired to see more of this beautiful country at the beginning of the year and decided that climbing it’s highest three peaks would bring that about. Having climbed Snowdon in May and Scafell Pike in June I’ve been lucky enough to visit both Snowdonia and the Lake District this year so far. Climbing Ben Nevis, the highest peak, will see me achieve my year’s goal, see Scotland’s Highlands and complete it with a great bunch of people. Having climbed …& descended two peaks, I’m least looking forward to coming back down the mountain. Going up’s great, you’re fresh & motivated and determined to reach the top. Coming down is just a necessity, you’re tired and it’s much harder on the legs. Also wondering if there’s going to be snow on the peak and if it will allow us to reach the summit. Flippin’ hope so.


Jonathan Woodham – Developer


Jon says: I’m looking forward to the sense of personal achieve with the reward of the view of the top – Being able to have that lifelong accolade of saying I have climbed the highest mountain in the UK. My biggest concern is that there might not be 4G at the top. Haha!


Kristina Dolan – Membership Advisor


Kris says: I love nature and I have always wanted to go to Scotland since I was a kid so I’m really looking forward to exploring. The biggest challenge for me will be looking down once I’m at the top as I am a little scared of heights! But I know the view will be worth it.


Melissa Fletcher – Retention Specialist


Melissa says: I am looking forward to getting to the top and coming back down again – I hope there’s a watering hole at the bottom! The thing I am dreading the most is the journey there and back!


Ester De Vries – Membership Advisor


Ester says: The thing that I am most looking forward to about this trip is to better get to know everyone who is going and help and support each other to reach the top as a team! The thing I am most nervous about is the fact that I do not have much experience and feel a little in the dark as to just how challenging this may be. I am an active person, I love walking and swimming but I am not exactly a gym bunny. So the question is: Am I fit enough?!


Abbie Milnes – Membership Enquiries Advisor


Abbie says: One thing I am looking forward to is getting to the top with my team mates and one thing I am not looking forward to is pushing Shaun to the top! There is nothing else I’m not looking forward to or nervous of!


Emma Nunn – Membership Enquiries Advisor


Emma says: I am looking forward to being able to say that I have completed the challenge! My biggest challenge will be myself… Getting over my nerves of heights and believing I can finish it.


Shaun Fox – Membership Enquiries Advisor


Shaun says: I am looking forward to the challenge of climbing Ben Nevis! I like to think I am quite fit but I am still a bit nervous I won’t make it to the top.


Harriet Milne-Taylor – Membership Consultant


Anthony Holland – Membership Consultant


Craig Parnell – Office Manager – Nottingham


We’re very happy to report every member of the team made it up AND down Ben Nevis safely……but more on the actual climb coming soon!


Please consider sponsoring them! They paid for their travel, accommodation, food and equipment themselves so every penny will go straight to those who need it more.
They’re raising money for The Checkatrade Foundation* and Chestnut Tree House**

You can sponsor the team via or text BNCF48 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.
Thank you for your support!

*The Checkatrade Foundation was set up to support people in need, both locally and oversees. It provides ongoing support to orphanages and schools in Nepal that rescue children from the sex slave industry, as well as supporting other local charities, causes and individuals in need of help. See more about our charity work here

**Chestnut Tree House is a children’s charity providing hospice care services and community support for children and young people with progressive life-shortening conditions throughout East and West Sussex and South East Hampshire. Checkatrade staff have spent time volunteering at Chestnut Tree House and really value the support they provide to local families and feel moved to help support the amazing work they do.

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