Creating the perfect man cave – by Rachel


“Man cave”
Noun Informal.
: a room or a space (as in a loft) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities

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Step 1 – Choose your cave space

Not many of us have an actual cave to work with so explore your options. Have a spare bedroom or office space? How about an unused garage or loft space? Perhaps you could invest in a shed? Depending on what you want in your man cave, you may not need a huge space, somewhere snug with enough room to spin around with your arms outstretched may be sufficient! However, if your idea of a perfect man cave includes a full size pool table, a swinging hammock and a gym area you’re going to need a bit more space! Also consider that the more obscure, unused or ‘outdoorsy’ the space is, the more time and costs that will be involved in making it into an inhabitable space.


Step 2 – Consult your partner/housemates

If you find yourself wanting your own personal man cave then it’s likely you already live in a shared space. If so, you may want to consult the others living in the house! Be considerate… You may need to be prepared to compromise if you’re intending on making a man pad all of your own that no one else is permitted to enter without knowing the password, Morse code blinking sequence and the secret handshake.


Step 3 – Prepare the room

Once you’ve chosen your space, access its current condition.


  1. Insulation
  2. Sound-proofing
  3. Lighting/wiring
  4. Flooring
  5. Decorating

If you’ve chosen a shed or a loft space for your man cave consider insulating, sound-proofing and wiring the space. Any good man cave will be dry, warm, have adequate lighting (dare we suggest remote controlled?!) and will be sound-proofed enough so as not to disturb others. Know your limits, get professionals in to do work where necessary especially if you encounter wiring or asbestos. Click here if you need help finding professionals! Once it’s a inhabitable space, paint or wallpaper it to your desire. Choose a flooring type that suits the vibe you’re aiming for. Carpet is cozy and inviting but it’s not very spill-friendly. If you’re after something more low maintenance or easier to clean, try wooden floor boards/laminate or even lino.


Step 4 (The fun part) – Equip your man cave!

By far the most important part! What do you want in your man cave? What vibe are you going for?

Ultimate chill out zone? A sofa, beanbag or even a hammock will be essential.

Music studio or entertainment suite? Every man needs a safe haven to play Fifa or Call of Duty, right? Or a widescreen for movie nights.

How about a fully stocked bar? If you don’t drink, try a slushy machine. Who doesn’t love a slushy?

Pool tables, foosball tables or even a mini crazy golf course guarantee a good time. Whatever your heart desires, go for it!

MOST IMPORTANTLY a man cave is simply not a man cave without a plethora of ‘stuff’ and gadgets. Are these things practical? Maybe. Are you going to use all of them? Absolutely not. Does it matter? Nope!

We will follow shortly with our top 10 favourite bits to add to your “man cave”



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