Checkatrade and Trading standards at CTSI conference

Checkatrade today are partnered with 8 Local Authority Trading Standards (TS) with many more in discussion. The Checkatrade team are going to be at the CTSI conference an annual event at The International Centre in Telford from Monday 20th June to Wednesday 23rd June. Chartered Trading Standards Institute is a professional membership association formed in 1881 representing trading standards professionals.

Local authorities will be attending the event to listen to a presentation from Kevin Byrne our Founder and CEO and to visit out more about partnering with Checkatrade in the fight against rogue traders and supporting legitimate businesses.

Last year’s CTSI conference Checkatrade held a competition on where TS professionals dropped their business cards into a hat and the winner won £500 towards a project for a worthy cause in their area, and a local Checkatrade member would do the work.  The winner was Rebecca Finch, Community Project Officer from West Yorkshire Trading Standards,  who decided to give the £500 to The Blind Society in Whitfield. They were delighted to receive the £500 and put the money towards having sensory lights installed. “We have been wanting to develop a sensory wellbeing room, so that we can offer holistic therapies to our clients and from people in the community. Part of the problem was that the lighting was too bright. This work has enabled us to proceed with the rest of the project and hopefully we will be able to offer Holistic therapies” said the home.


The work was completed by Checkatrade member JP Electrical. “I rewired the lights above the suspended ceiling, installed three warm white 600 x 600 led panels.  All lights have dimmable drivers and are controlled via a retractive dimmer switch to give complete range of lighting levels. The led panel above the door also incorporates a three hour rechargeable battery back up for emergency situations” said James from JP Electrical

Most people with sight loss need and benefit from enhanced lighting. Some eye conditions can cause individuals to experience glare problems when in normal light levels, which could be uncomfortable or even intolerable for them. The Whitfield Wellbeing Centre are a community organisation that provides a variety of activities for people with or without sight loss.

Checkatrade and JP Electrical are thrilled to be able to assist the home and the local community.



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