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I am a very clean and organised person, so as you can imagine from the beginning, I have always been obsessed with having a clean, organised van to enable me to  carry out my work as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

When I first started as Electrician I was working on a job and the carpenter rolled up with a huge pile of Festool “Systainer” boxes and from that day on – I was hooked! All I wanted to be able to do was to turn up at a job and wheel out all of my tools and materials without having to spend hours lugging my things back and forth to the van.  I started researching and found that the Systainer boxes at the time (over 15 years ago) were very expensive.


The years rolled by and I started to notice Bosch had started selling their power tools in L-Boxx’s so I began to replace my power tool range so I could have lovely stackable boxes.

Over the years I have had different types and styles of van racking systems in my van such as tall metal units as well as various upgrades of home made wooden racking.

After thinking my latest van racking (which I made myself from heavy plywood) was the pinnacle of organization –  I  then discovered Vantainer who supply what I can only describe as the answer to all your possible storage and racking needs! Very light weight and the perfect solution for organisation of tools and materials storage. And it looks great too!

The Vantainer system is a very simple and ultra lightweight design, combined with the Systainer storage boxes – this makes going from job to job an absolute dream.

I have noticed that driving around the van not only feels a lot lighter and quieter and I have also seen a dramatic drop in fuel consumption.

When I arrive at a job – I can see the tools I need so much more quickly due to the simple and effective labeling system. I can then grab the boxes I want and stack them quickly on my sturdy Systainer trolley which is so easy to use – and lock all the boxes into place – then I am ready to go – saving my back and time in the process!



Great Product Features

I want to explain more about the superb locking feature these boxes have which make this system so unique.

This revolutionary locking device enables the user to attach and detach boxes perfectly which makes maneuverability and transport so easy. The beauty of this means that you can open any individual box to access the contents, even when they are stacked together using the innovative T-Loc system.

Make it work for your trade

Then comes the completely bespoke nature of this system – these boxes come in an array of different sizes with different inner compartments to suit your very needs – and the boxes no matter their size will always lock together – it’s genius!

And then there’s the racking!

This lightweight racking system which is so quick and easy to install (much quicker than the entire weekend it took me to build and install my plywood racking !) and no hard labour required! Mounted on aluminum telescopic arms – the shelving is perfectly safe and secure to support even the heaviest of your tools. It is also completely adaptable to your van size and shape.


You can probably tell I am a big fan and with Checkatrade , you get the chance to  treat yourself to a fantastic deal which you can not get anywhere else. I am not stopping with the my van – I am using the boxes in my garage and shed too as they are perfect for keeping the clutter out and making the space at home work for me as well.

Drive down costs

Make your working day more efficient with this great looking system and save yourself some serious money on fuel once your existing heavy racking is replaced with this lightweight system.

J Fridlington

Fully Qualified Electrician

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