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Checkatrade are committed to protecting consumers, supporting legitimate business and solving the UK’s rogue trade problem. Trading Standards Authorities and Checkatrade are working in partnership to provide an Approved trader scheme to help consumers choose a trader they can trust and rely upon. Trading Standards Approved means that a business follows trading laws and deals with their customers fairly and honestly.

Through our partnerships Checkatrade will not only increase consumer protection, in addition to this will enhance the Intelligence checks we complete through our partnerships.

Traders are monitored continuously, if any issues should arise, depending on the severity of the problem, a trader may be advised, suspended or removed from the scheme entirely. This ensures we are only putting the best of the best in contact with our consumers.


To summarise all traders in Partnership Authority Area’s undergo additional vetting checks that include:

  • Rigorous background checks by Trading Standards, including information that is freely available to the public as well as confidential and restricted information that is supplied by external organisations such as other public authorities and the police.
  • A demonstration of their commitment to comply with Trading Standards legislation.
  • A Criminal Background Check of a responsible person/s within the business.

Checkatrade are currently in partnership with Suffolk, Kent, Surrey, Bromley, Buckinghamshire,  Nottinghamshire County, Nottingham City & East Sussex Trading Standards. Through these partnership we have seen our membership numbers grow, with further potential through additional partnerships we have planned with Local Authorities.

Checkatrade have formed a legally recognised Primary Authority Partnership with Kent County Council Trading Standards. Primary Authority offers businesses the opportunity to be regulated in a new way.

This “Primary Authority” provides businesses with robust and reliable regulatory advice which other local authorities must take into account in their dealings with the business.

Primary Authority

In this way, Primary Authority promotes consistency and fairness in the way that regulations are enforced locally. Where appropriate, a Primary Authority is also able to guide the way that other local authorities carry out checks such as inspections, by developing an inspection plan.

Primary Authority was established by the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008 and is administered by the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO). They exercise the statutory responsibility for its operation on behalf of the Secretary of State, nominating partnerships and issuing guidance. The government is committed to developing Primary Authority and sees the scheme as playing a key role in its work to improve the way that regulations are enforced.

This brings Checkatrade the benefit of being able to offer assured advice and documentation to our members which is an additional benefit of membership.

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